Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Battle Begins

My name is Tamsin Barks, with the support of a number of people including Vince Cable MP, I have spent four long years gathering evidence for getting justice at last, and bringing a case against Inside Track, Instant Access Properties, and the individuals who ran the company.

This week the battle starts in court.

For the last 6 long months I have waited patiently while they have failed to produce a defence.
Now they are now attempting to get my claim struck out, saying it is "unreasonable" and "difficult to understand." and "embarrassing"

But actually this delay is good for me as it allows me more time to collect even more witness statements from fellow members.

I believe the facts are simple.

I sat in rooms full of people, took notes, and remember very clearly what they told us.

I used to be a vet, so I am well used to dealing with facts and numbers. If you get a dose wrong an animal could die!

As members they claimed we would benefit have exclusive access to the best properties in the world with discounts of 10-20%.

They told us their due diligence to find these properties took many months covered every aspect. They told us it was performed by experts.

They told us it included valuations for market value and rental carried out by RIC's surveyors and the equivalent overseas.

I have asked them again and again for these valuations which they have been unable to produce.

I have started this blog to let you know what is happening and how you might be able to help.

Once this case is won it is going to give many other people a significant chance of succeeding in a class action.

I have also started a forum for IAP members so that you will be able to get in contact with fellow members and share information.

Tamsin Barks

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